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A Note From Farmer Glenn: Another Harvest Season Come and Gone...

Farmer Glenn’s thoughts…

I am already reflecting on 2017 as if it has finished, but it has not yet as we still have Thanksgiving with pies and cider and apples ahead, as well as Christmas with trees and wreathes and gifts and special treats from the bakery crew. But the completion of apple harvest is a milestone where we all begin to breathe a sigh of relief. So much effort, focus and endless hours of work go into each season as we plant, nurture and harvest countless tons of fruits and vegetables all destined to be consumed by our families and greater community.

Just the other night when the storm blew in and the power went out, I woke up at 1:30am to go down to the store to make sure all was well. The big event tent was catching the wind like a competition sailboat and desperately wanted to fly free. I spent the next 2 and a half hours fighting to keep it pinned to the earth, constantly tightening the guy lines anytime it looked like it was ready to depart. I also spent time in the dark store moving perishable items from our display cases to better freezers and coolers. After I was sure I had saved the tent and food, I went home to sleep a couple hours, feeling I did all I could do. Early morning, the wind was still howling as I made my way back to the farm store. As I approached, after glancing into orchard block 5 to view a big section of Gala apples trees all laying on their sides with apples pointing skyward, I caught a glimpse of the large tent I fought all night to save, ripped off the chicken barn and in a heap. Just another day on the farm….

So many things can go wrong where we have so many moving parts, so much equipment, so much to do, so many thousands of people coming to enjoy a day in nature, climbing up and down our big hills, it is with relief and gratitude that we realize we made it through another season intact with happy and safe customers.

This has been a year of growth. Both our sons have come into the business. We added new enterprises to give them an opportunity to flourish. Chadd oversees the new hard cider facility, and Gregg can be seen in the new food trailer greeting every customer with a smile. Without an awesome team behind Cider Hill Farm, none of this would be possible. Our store, bakery and field crew are simply amazing. They all treat this farm as if it were theirs. Karen and I love this.

We started this farm many years ago with my Mom and Dad, the late 70’s actually, and we have worked so very hard to create a business that has a soul. What I mean is we want this farm to reflect mine and Karen’s heart. We want people to feel welcome. We want our customers to feel we are being fair, and growing the best food possible. We want this to a place where you create lifelong memories with your family and friends. We want Cider Hill Farm to be that part of your life that is about love and health.

Karen and I are grateful for everyone in our lives. We are truly blessed. Even as we struggle with hardships in life that we all inevitably face, we feel such a peace that we are doing exactly what we were created to do. No turning back now. We expect Cider Hill Farm will be around for many years to come, thanks to all of you.


Farmer Glenn


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