5 Favorite New Products

Happy SPRING! Although after this past week it certainly doesn’t feel like the warm sunny spring we would like. But, the barn doors are open and it is time for a new Cider Hill season. My favorite part of a new season has to be all the new products that hit our shelves. Many people ask what we do in the winter, welp this is a big part! We attend food shows, trade shows and do lots of researching to bring our customers the best products from great local vendors. After spending the past month unpacking, pricing and stocking boxes of goodies I wanted to share some of our favorites for you to look out for!

1.Half Baked Pizza

A new company out of Vermont, these guys know their pizza! Some of you may have gotten a taste when they came to visit last Saturday, don’t worry if you missed it, they will be back. Made with the freshest GMO Free ingredients I was amazed that it came out of a freezer. My favorite out of them all- Otter Creek. Learn More!


I still can’t decide which I like better, the taste or the fact that it’s mini! You may recognize this from their debut on Shark Tank. We currently carry the Kettle and Sea Salt flavors.

3. Early Bird Gets the Worm Granola

Made with dried apples and a surprise! This granola (made with gluten free oats!) is a great way to start the day, staying healthy while bringing back the memories of old schoo