Donation Policy

Donations given by Cider Hill Farm will only be considered if submitted via this form and per all other policy terms.

All Donation Requests MUST:

-Be received via this form
-Include contact name & phone number, organization/cause name
-Be received 1 month prior to the date of pick up
-Be considered a one-time donation, as previous donations do not guarantee future donations


Please read:

We rarely donate pumpkins, gourds, straw/hay/corn stalks.  Our crops alone cannot keep up with customer demands. We may be able to offer a discount depending on the season.

*Due to the large volume of donation requests it is impossible to fulfill them all. All donation requests will be considered individually by the Cooks. Presentation of this form does not constitute approval of a donation request. If we are unable to donate, you may be offered discounted pricing.  If approved, an associate will contact you  to discuss options and availability. Please do not call to inquire about the status of your donation request as the owners are unable to address donation requests during regular business hours. All donation requests and/or questions will be addressed via email only.

Donation Request Form

Thank you for submitting your donation request form. Requests must be submitted 1 month prior to event to be considered. You will receive a response within 7-10 business days.