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What Is CSA?

CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

Every year around this time you see emails and signs about our CSA program. However, some of you may not know what CSA actually stands for, or what it even is. We wanted to answer some of your top questions and explain a little more about our program.

What does CSA stand for? CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

What is a CSA Share? A #CSAshare is what you sign up for when you join our CSA program. Each Wednesday from June 13th until October 10th we have your “shares” available for pick up. These shares consist of any fruits/vegetables that are ripe and ready to eat. The shares vary weekly and seasonally. Our awesome field crew spends most of their Tuesdays picking for CSA day so your food is always fresh from the fields.

I go on vacation during the summer, what happens if I can’t make a pick up day? Not to worry! You can always offer your CSA share to a family member, friend or neighbor and have them pick up that week’s share. They will just have to check in with your name for the pick up.

What if I don’t like Kale? This is one of the most common questions we get about joining our CSA family. Don’t worry, we do our BEST to provide all our CSA shares with a good variety. One of the unique parts of our CSA program is that our Half & Full Shares contain vegetables AND fruit! We also have a “SWAP” table available where you can trade in your vegetables for others. If you are not much of a veggie lover we do offer a Fruit ONLY share.

What share is right for me? We offer 3 types of shares: Half Share / Full Share / Fruit Share

I like to recommend the Half Share to all of our first time CSA members, unless you are a SERIOUS herbivore! It’s a great way to get your feet wet in the CSA pond. The fruit share is also a great option for those who grow their own vegetables at home or aren’t big veggie eaters. Due to our fruit season being a little later than the start of CSA we do supplement with our own farm fresh eggs when needed. The full share normally consists of around 10-15 items and is great for a family of veggie lovers! We list out some share examples on our CSA page here

How much does it cost? Full Share $600- averages around $30 per week | .Half Share $375 – averages around $20 per week | Fruit Share $350 – averages around $19 per week

For more information or to sign up visit our CSA page!


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