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2023 Pick Your Own Calendar & Tickets

As farmers, we are always watching the weather and the crops. Here's a general snap shot of when to expect for pick-your-own but stay close as we near each season opener. Tickets for pick-your-own will become live on this page approx. 48 hours in advance to dates except for tulip picking. For 2023 festivals, visit


Begin: Late April 

End: Mid May

*Unlike other crops, pre-purchased online tickets for tulip picking are required @ All other crops, you may purchase tickets online or when you arrive.


Begin: Mid June

End: Early July


Begin: Late June 

End: Late July

*Blackberry picking begin after raspberries


Begin: Early July

Begin: Late August

*Features 11 varieties of high-bush blueberries

Flower Garden

Begin: Mid July

End: Early October

* Features 25+ varieties of blooms to cut-your-own farmhouse bouquets

Vegetable Patch

Begin: Mid August

End: Late August

* Replaces peaches this year. Features heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, beans and sunflowers. Peach picking will return in 2024. The arctic blast in Feb 2023 killed dormant buds. The trees are fine! Just this year's crop was impacted. Come pick veggies and flowers!


Begin: Late August

End: Mid October

* Features 5 orchards and nearly 50 varieties

Pumpkins & Gourds

Arrive September

Christmas Trees & Greens

Arrive late November

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