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Baskets of peppers, beans, carrots, tomatoes and beets.

2024 CSA - Registration is Closed

Thank you to our 450+ members for celebrating the weekly harvest this season. Our 2024 CSA is full. 

What is a CSA?

CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, is a way to buy local, seasonal food shares directly from a farm. Our CSA allows us to offer the community fresh, seasonal produce on a weekly basis and invites you, our neighbors and friends, to be an intricate part of the farm’s success and longevity. Thank YOU to all our existing and new CSA members! Your commitment to supporting the farm, choosing local and eating healthy means the world to us. We couldn't do it without YOU!



Share Examples

The selection of our weekly shares is based on crop availability and seasonality. Family, or Full shares, have 10 to 15 items, while a half share will have fewer items. Shares are boxed ahead of time to keep the produce extremely fresh no matter what time of day you come. Utilize the swap table where you may exchange an item for one that may fit your menu better. As always share contents are subject to change with harvesting.

Full Share: 

NOTE: Typically includes more variety than the half share

Early Season: ½ Gallon of Cider, 1 Dozen Eggs, 1 Jar of CH Jam, 1 Bunch of Kale, 1 Head of Lettuce, 1 Bag of Spinach, 2 Quarts Strawberries

Mid/Late Season: Apples, 1 Bunch of Beets, 1 Bunch of Carrots, ½ Gallon of Cider, 1 Eggplant, 1 Head of Lettuce, 1 Bag of Mesclun Mix, Pears, Peppers, Fingerling Potatoes

Half Share:

Early Season: ½ Gallon of Cider, ½ Dz of Eggs, 1 Jar of CH Jam, 1 Head of Lettuce, 1 Bunch of Scallions, 1 Quart Strawberries

Mid/Late Season: Apples, 1 Bunch of Carrots, 1 Eggplant, 1 Head of Lettuce, Pears, Peppers, Potatoes

Fruit Share: 

Early Season: 1 Dozen Eggs, ½ Gallon of Cider,1 Jar of CH Jam, 1 Quart of Strawberries

Mid/Late Season: 1 Pint Blueberries, Tomatoes, 1 Pint Cherries, 2 Pints Raspberries, 1 Quart Strawberries

Super Fruit Share: 

NOTE: Typically includes more variety than the fruit share

Early Season: 1 Dozen Eggs, 1 Gallon of Cider, 1 Jar of CH Jam, 2 Quarts Strawberries

Mid/Late Season: 1 Dozen Eggs, Tomatoes, 1 Quart Blueberries, 1 Quart Cherries, 2 Quart Raspberries, 2 Quart Strawberries



Q - How do I know the contents of my share each week?

A - You receive an email on Mondays with he contents of your share. Contents are subject to change. If you are not receiving the weekly emails, please contact

Q - Do I have the option to swap items if I prefer one item more than others?

A - Yes, our swap table makes it easy, enjoyable and fun to swap out ingredients.

Q - Do you supply bags or do I need to bring bags?

A - Please help reduce waste by bringing your own bags. Plastic bags are available if you forget your totes or purchase totes in the Farm Store.

Q - Where do I pick up my share?

A - Pick up is located under the Farm Store. Follow signage.

Q - Do you have recipe suggestions for items in the share?

A - Absolutely! Recipe ideas based on the contents of your shares are sent within your weekly email on Mondays.

Q - What if I am unable to pick up on my CSA or I miss my pick up?

A - If you cannot make the pick up, you may designate another party to pick up your share. We cannot credit your share for the following week.

Q - May I switch, upgrade or cancel my CSA for the remainder of the season.

A - Of course. Once you figure out what works best for you and your house hold, we are happy to make adjustments. Email Any refunds, we retain 5% for processing fees.

Q - May I sign up and pay by check?

Absolutely! Please complete this form and mail with check in the full amount to Cider Hill Farm, 45 Fern Avenue, Amesbury MA 01913.

Q - Do you offer any other shares? (May-November)

We love pairing farm-grown produce with locally-landed seafood! Cider Hill Farm is so happy to announce we are partner with Cape Ann Fresh Catch of Gloucester making it easier to access fresh fish landed by fishermen in our community. Customize your share size and options and pick it up here on the farm every Wednesday from 8 am - 6 pm inside the Farm Store. Hop aboard anytime! Sign up >

Farmers weeding strawberry field.
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