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Holiday Box Launch

The dream of shipping donuts and other farm goodies has been a dream of ours for a very long time. We have countless guests come to the farm who beg for us to ship them donuts when they return to their hometowns all of the US. Speaking as someone who struggles getting a piece of mail to the mailbox, this dream seemed like one of the future. The far far far away future. However, this harvest/holiday season we really wanted to be able to send some Cider Hill Fall love to those who couldn’t make it to the farm. Luckily we have an amazing team who are much better at mailing things then I am.

After a few days of brainstorming and research we launched our Harvest Boxes on October 12th. Unsure of how many we would really sell we decided to do one mass mail out. Fast forward to the 22nd we ended up packing almost 100 boxes that were shipping to not only New England but California, Colorado, New Mexico and everywhere in between. We were so overwhelmed by the great response and were able to bask in it for about 2 minutes until someone then asked “So what about Christmas boxes?”

So, back to the drawing board we went to decide what exactly should go into these Holiday Boxes. After a week of driving my staff crazy choosing between box sizes, goodies and attempting to try to fit everything in to the wrong selected box size (thanking my lucky stars for the endless hours I spent playing Tetris) we have finally finished and are ready to launch.

Boxes will be available for purchase online starting this Monday the 13th. Instead of doing 1 mass shipment, like last time, we will be shipping them out to order. Please allow 1-2 days once you place your order for packing. And now, without any more jib jab, here are our 2017 Holiday Boxes!

Our Holiday Cheer Box is a classic collection of holiday favorites. First, of course, we have a dozen of our donuts- YUM! Then we added in our special edition Candy Cane Kettle Corn – think of our usual addictive kettle corn with a slight aftertaste of refreshing peppermint. Next – 2 hot chocolate sticks- these guys you can actually just stir right in hot milk (for the serious cocoa drinkers)or water! Toss in some of the Hammond’s Peppermint Pillow candies to make it a peppermint hot cocoa. Lastly, when sipping hot cocoa and snacking on some treats you have to be near a fire. Welp, fireplaces don’t really ship well so we compromised with a travel tin of our Signature Cider Hill Cider Donut candle! When we first had these in store they sold out in 1 weekend (the glass version should be returning to the farm store very soon). And VOILA – Holiday Cheer!

Next up, Our Holiday Snack Pack box. We curated this box channeling our inner college or boarding school student. Focusing on the late night study sessions, endless essays and the Christmas vacation countdown that seems to get slower as it gets closer – sugar – was our inspiration. Perfect for the midnight snack cravings we added a bag of our classic Kettle Corn, a bag of our Candy Cane Kettle Corn,1 Dozen donuts and one of our Peppermint Whoopie Pies. Sugar – CHECK. Next – hydrate – with that we have our 2 hot chocolate sticks (which if stirred into coffee make a delicious Mocha). We can’t forget about the never ending cold season which a pack of honey straws compliments quite nicely. Finally toss in a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans for some extra caffeine boost and our box is complete.

We have had so much fun creating this boxes and cannot wait to being packing them up and shipping them out! Thank you to our amazing customers and their endless support which allows us to constantly create new and sometimes crazy ideas!

— Jenny Durocher, Farm Store Manager



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