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Cider Hill Cellars located on Cider Hill Farm is run and operated by the 2nd generation of the Cook family. Opened in the Spring of 2017, the cidery produces hard cider made from 100% of our own fruit – planted, grown, harvested and pressed all on our 145 acre farm. With 10,000 apple trees on the farm, 1,000 of those apple trees are specific for cider making. Cider is available for purchase in our Farm Store open daily 8am - 6pm.

Our hard ciders:

Spring - Crisp, Delicate, Clean

Fully dry cider with a delicate body and crisp character created with a blend of heritage American apples. Initially causing your mouth to water, Spring develops a clean and fruity flavor ending with a long lasting but mild tannic finish. This is a fully dry cider with no residual sugar and a gentle sparkle. 8% ABV. Pairs well with rich, fried, or oily foods.

2019 Gold Medal for Modern Cider - Dry

Summer - Refreshing, Light, Fruity

A light body and refreshing character created with a blend of heritage American apples. At first tart, Summer has a balanced sweetness and acidity with a flawless flavor that doesn’t overwhelm the taste buds after only one glass. Summer is semi sweet with some residual sugar and gentle sparkle. 8% ABV. Pairs well with lean meats, savory, or spicy foods.

2018 1st Place Best in Class & Gold Medal Modern Cider - Sweet

Autumn - Smooth, Mild, Full Bodied

Semi dry cider with a full body and rich character. Seemingly mild at first sip, Autumn has a gentle fruit flavor and low acidity but soon fills your mouth with soft tannins that linger. 8% ABV. Pairs well with tart, acidic foods such as chicken piccata and sharp cheeses.

Winter - Decadent, Sweet, Tart 

Winter is a special cider variety known as a frost cider. Time consuming and labor intensive to make, we freeze fresh pressed cider and thaw it slowly to produce an intensely rich juice. By fermenting this carefully over many months, we create Winter. There are 20 apples inside this bottle. Winter is both intensely sweet and crisp with a depth of flavor that cannot be matched by any other cider and will improve for several years in the bottle. Winter is a dessert cider, super sweet with high residual sugar, still. 12.5% ABV. 

2019 Silver Medal for Ice Cider

2019 Silver Medal for Wood Aged Specialty Cider (limited edition)

2018 Gold Medal for Ice Cider

Raspberry Harvest (Seasonal) - Fresh Raspberries

Limited release semi-sweet cider made once a year. It takes a full pound of our raspberries along with a blend of our heritage American apples to make each bottle. A sip of raspberry harvest starts with a sweet burst of raspberry flavor, followed by a refreshing tartness and lingering berry finish that only fresh picked fruit can provide. 8% ABV. 

2019 Bronze Medal for Fruit Cider

2018 Bronze for Fruit Cider

Harvest Strawberry (Seasonal) - Fresh Strawberry 

Limited release cider made once a year. A sip of Strawberry Harvest begins with the flavor of rich fully ripened strawberries followed by a light apple and berry tartness which fades to a lingering berry finish that only fresh picked fruit can provide. It takes over 2 pounds of our own fresh strawberries blended with our cider to make each bottle. 8% ABV. Pairs well with summer salads and dark chocolate.

2019 Gold Medal for Fruit Cider

"Sustainability applies to more than operating our farm on 100% solar energy. I’m not interested in exponential growth and quarterly reports. The goal is not fortune, it is not quantity. This cidery will only be as big as our orchards can support and our land can sustain. Our farm, our trees, our cider. It’s that simple. We are making ciders as a passion project. In a rare position to create cider that is truly orchard to bottle, we can oversee 100% of the production process. From planting, pruning, picking, pressing, to fermentation, every aspect of what we do is guided towards producing cider of the highest quality."

– Chadd Cook, Cider Hill Cellars Founder & Cidermaker

*Due to MA State law cider sales are not allowed until 11am on Sundays* Customers must be 21 or older, all minors on tours and tastings must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Upcoming Cider Events - New Events Coming 2021!

Sweet Cider

Pure farm happiness! Cider Hill Farm presses award-winning sweet cider that is also used in making our fan favorite cider donuts. Visit our recipe page to see additional ways to cook with cider.

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