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Donut Day

When we first came up with the idea to host a Cider Hill Donut Day it seemed pretty obvious that it would have to be held near National Donut Day – Friday June 2nd. We selected the following Saturday, June 3rd for the event. To me, National Donut Day meant 1 day of the year where it became socially acceptable and mandatory to consume excessive amounts of donuts. It is a National holiday after all right?

During the beginning of our planning we began to wonder, is there really a day devoted to such hot, yummy dough goodness? Thanks to our dear friend Google, our plans took a whole new turn.

For those who don’t know, there are actually 2 National Donut Days. I know, 2 DAYS TO EAT DONUTS! One is held annually on November 5th, which is a day just about enjoying a guilt free donut. The other donut day, the first Friday of June however serves more of a historical purpose. It was established by the Salvation Army way back in 1938 to honor the Dough Lassies, female volunteers who made donuts for soldiers serving overseas as a way to boost morale. It was a successful effort and led soldiers to use the slogan “doughnuts will win the war!”

Hearing the stories of many woman who left their families to tend to our soldiers overseas inspired a new purpose for the event. To keep the tradition of serving donuts to our troops alive we will be sending dozens of donuts overseas to a unit including one of our very own Amesbury residents. In addition to hayrides and live music we will have a table for all attendees who wish to write notes to be enclosed with the donuts.

For more information about Cider Hill Farm Donut Day, Saturday June 3rd 12-3pm please visit DONUT DAY.


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