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A Note From Farmer Glenn - Jan 8, 2017

Happy New Year Everyone!

We have finished putting our fields and farm store to bed for the winter after a busy and challenging 2016. Karen and I are just so grateful for our dedicated staff that treats this family farm as their own, and for all of you who support us in so many ways. No matter how busy we get at times, it is never lost on us that each one of you that travels here to shop, pick, walk and enjoy our farm has chosen us because you expect something special, such as super fresh picked fruits and vegetables, hot apple cider donuts or a unique time in the country with family and friends. We want you to feel like you are home when you walk in our doors, and we will continue to work hard to provide that experience day in and out.

After we all take a couple weeks to relax and reflect, we will begin pruning all our trees in earnest, and prepare the greenhouses for the upcoming season’s flowers, seedlings and tomatoes. Jenny and the store crew will travel to trade shows to get new ideas for new products, and will begin to plan for this year’s events and new programs.

Our son, Chadd, has just finished fermenting his first batch of hard ciders, and after bottling, will begin fermentation of our next batch, an ice cider. We have planted nearly 1000 apple trees specific for hard cider, so we expect to have some very special varietals in years to come. It is an understatement to say that we are very excited to add this enterprise to the Cider Hill Farm lineup in 2017.

The electricity for the cidery facility built on the farm is run by electricity provided by a dual axis tracking solar PV system we have just completed. Not only are we using only Cider Hill apples, but we are using power created from energy falling on our farm as well!

As we catch up on a bit of rest, I can only imagine what new ideas will come to our minds! That is one of the most fun parts of what we do here – imagine, and create. We are never satisfied to stay in one place. As your needs and tastes change, we always want to be right there with you!

We wish you all a safe and warm winter, and count the days until we open our doors again May 5th!

Glenn, Karen, Chadd, Jenny, Grigore and the whole crew


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