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State Secrets in Dissertations

The implementation of scientific research is often connected with complex moments, nuances that require special design and a specific order of protection. There are situations when a dissertation may contain "important and secret" information that is not subject to widespread mention and disclosure. These types of information include state secrets. In this article, we will tell you how to use state secrets when writing research projects.

What is a state secret?

Not all information is subject to disclosure. There are situations when the state is forced to hide certain information from unauthorized persons. It is almost impossible for ordinary people to get access to them. Such behavior is noted in exceptional cases: when disclosure could lead to a security breach in the country.

Such secret information is called "state secret". Such materials are in special storage in departments, archives. They are marked "secret". State secrets include information from various fields of activity:

  • Military (composition and structure of military facilities, military arsenal, developments);

  • Foreign policy (data on negotiations, transactions between countries in various industries, etc.);

  • Economic (composition and structure of the state budget of the country, individual budget items, etc.);

  • Information in the field of security: about terrorism, protection of the state border, etc.

How is information classified?

Only those departments and bodies that have it have the right to classify materials. It is important to justify your decision. The executive body must be guided by certain rules and regulations when "classifying" information. Most often, the following units are labeled “top secret”: The Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the FBI, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Justice, NASA, etc.

Today, there are three types of classified information in the United States of America according to information:

  • Information of particular importance, including materials that may harm the interests of the state;

  • Top secret data that can harm individual departments or several missions;

  • X-Files, which are capable of destroying the security of an individual company.

Please note that the department that has “special information” independently determines which part of it is capable of harming the state or a particular object.

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