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The PitchFORK at Cider Hill Farm – CLOSED FOR 2018 SEASON

Located right next to our farm store, The PitchFORK serves seasonally-inspired eats, fresh squeezed lemonade and fruit infused ice cream. Talk about farm-to-table, it doesn’t get get any better than this! To keep our offerings as fresh as possible our menu changes month to month with our harvest schedule.



Sustainability applies to more than operating our farm on 100% solar energy. I’m not interested in exponential growth and quarterly reports. We are not going national with this. The goal is not fortune, it is not quantity. This cidery will only be as big as our orchards can support and our land can sustain. Our farm, our trees, our cider. It’s that simple. We are making ciders as a passion project. In a rare position to create cider that is truly orchard to bottle, we can oversee 100% of the production process. From planting, pruning, picking, pressing, to fermentation, every aspect of what we do is guided towards producing cider of the highest quality.
Our featured ciders will be:
Spring: Fully dry with no residual sugar, gently sparkling 8% ABV Crisp, delicate, clean. Pairs well with rich, fried, or oily foods.
Summer: Semi sweet with some residual sugar, gently sparkling 8% ABV Refreshing, light, fruity. Pairs well with lean meats, savory, or spicy foods.
Winter: Dessert cider, super sweet with high residual sugar, still 12.5% ABV Decadent, intensely sweet and also intensely tart. Serve as a digestif with dessert. So concentrated it takes 20 apples to make a bottle.
Cider will be available for purchase in our Farm Store which is open 8am-6pm everyday. *Due to MA State law cider sales are not allowed until 11am on Sundays* Customers must be 21 or older, all minors on tours and tastings must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
–Chadd Cook
Founder and Cidermaker
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